ARWI mission
  • ARWI shall be a leading hight-tech partner in the field of decorative and functional coatings deposited on polymer materials.
  • ARWI offers solutions that provide their customers with competive advantages and added value to their products.


About ARWI

ARWI is a Norway-based company founded in 1958.

Over the years, ARWI has developed into a specialist in the fields of conductive, decorative, reflective and protective coatings deposited polymer materials.

ARWI offer its high-tech, high-quality and cost-effective solutions within the areas of shielding, advanced decorative metal coatings and reflective coatings to various industries.

ARWI because...

It is a dynamic and innovative company, highly competent in the surface treatment technology.
We can offer world-class quality and cost-effective solutions.
Our professional team will serve individuals in a flexible manner.

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