ARWI mission
  • ARWI shall be a leading hight-tech partner in the field of decorative and functional coatings deposited on polymer materials.
  • ARWI offers solutions that provide their customers with competive advantages and added value to their products.


Decorative coatings
  Metallic coatings in any colour
  Best functional Properties of abrasion hardness and scratch resistance
    Decorative Coating: Glossy
  High gloss or matt finish
  High yield-rates
    Decorative Coating: 3D effect
    3D effect
Decorative coatings

Decorative coatingsDecorative coatings from ARWI will increase the consumer's impression of the product, making it look better and more valuable.

ROI (Return On Investment) to consumers will be higher with the increasing brand loyalty.

Additionally, the high quality of the final product will impress the consumers a lot.

Decorative coatings – Additional options

Decorative coatingsDecorative coatings can be used together with additional processes such as printing or laser etching.

Polished surfaces in the moulding tool will become highly reflective.

Unpolished surfaces in the moulding tool will look rougher.

By adding structure to the tool you can achieve different effects for example, a brushed metal look.

NCVM – Non-conductive vacuum metallizing

Decorative coating: NCVMNCVM is short for "Non-conductive vacuum metallizing".

NCVM coatings use special materials that do not conduct electricity.

NCVM is used on products that transmit and receive electromagnetic signals, such as mobile phones and Bluetooth communication devices.

Sheet Cosmetics

Decorative coating: Sheet cosmeticsSheet cosmetics are semi-finished products, made from metallized plastic sheets.

Cosmetic effect is highly reflective.

Can be made from any sheet material such as PET, PC or PMMA.

The reflective effect can be in any colour required by the customer.

It can be cut into logos and decorative elements.

Semi-transparent surfaces — Decorative Coatings

Decorative coating: Semi-transparent surfacesDecorative coating: Semi-transparent surfacesFunction as a mirror when the background is darker than the front.

Turn transparent when the background is lit up and becomes brighter than the front.

High transmission accuracy.

Vacuum chroming

Decorative coating: Vacuum chromingAdds a metal surface to plastic parts without use of a painted top coat.

Different metal colours to choose from.

Can be applied to any plastic material.

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