ARWI mission
  • ARWI shall be a leading hight-tech partner in the field of decorative and functional coatings deposited on polymer materials.
  • ARWI offers solutions that provide their customers with competive advantages and added value to their products.


EMI shielding

Our coatings for EMI shielding have conductivity and durability which have exceeded the industry standard.
ARWI shielding processes will apply coatings with even thickness on all areas, including perpendicular surfaces. Advanced masking technology allows 3D shape on masked areas.

High performance EMI shielding High performance EMI shielding


High-perfomance EMI shielding

Our high-performance EMI shielding solutions have developed to reach unmatched functional properties.

High performance EMI shielding

Strong resistance to chemical and humidity exposure.
Evenly distributed thickness with the highest conductivity.
Strong adhesion to any material.
High masking accuracy.

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